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The Wolery is a family run shop, based in an old handbag factory in London. Our shop is a fusion between Japanese and Norwegian cultures which also happens to be the background of our family. Inspiration came one day when we discovered a very strange little shop in Northern Japan selling both plants and an eclectic collection of items, old, new and handmade which worked well together. We have always been fans of jumble sales and wanted to create something similar online. With this in mind and a strong desire to move things on and out of our house our Zakka section was born.

The second part of the shop is run by Edie who makes her own things and wanted to find an outlet for her work.

The third part of the shop is run by Cecilie. Inspired by traditional crafts, a passion for colour and form, Cecilie Telle has created her own handmade felted accessories range.

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